Origami™ Overview

Menta® Origami™ is the design software environment for Menta eFPGA Core® technology. Origami offers a powerful integrated solution for logic design using all Menta eFPGA Core IP generated by Menta Origami Designer™. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes the tool easy to use for users of all expertise levels. The windows-based interface and menu scheme guides users through the design and compilation process. From fully automatic to user-guided design implementation, Origami software supports the needs of logic designs and logic designers from simple to complex projects.


Design entry is made simple using software from leading third-party vendors. Origami software offers high-level, target-independent design with efficient logic compilation, delivering unprecedented performance for the most complex designs. Origami has been developed to operate efficiently in all third-party environments and is optimized for high level Verilog and VHDL synthesis and design. Origami converts users design entry into functionally equivalent logic gates on Menta eFPGA Core IP, with optimized speed and area.


Origami design flow


The Menta Origami software is now available on Red Hat Linux X86 on 64-bit platform.


Please contact Menta at sales(at)menta.fr to request more information.